orthopedic / orthodontic

At Star Dental we provide Orthodontic as well as orthopedic services. Orthodontic treatment is the art of moving teeth to level and align them, but orthopedic treatment is the movement of bone on the upper and lower arches to make room for all the teeth naturally.

If the patient suffers from crowding and crooked teeth the quick solution is to remove teeth to make space and then othodontically correct the teeth, but rather than enduring unnecessary extractions of healthy teeth we offer an alternative solution. We use custom made appliances to develop the arches to their correct size, which will accommodate all of the teeth thus giving the patient a beautiful, wide smile line.

It is best to start treating children at a young age – six years and onward, as soon as they are showing signs of crowding, alignment problems or jaw discrepancy.  Another problem that can often be overlooked is myofunctional habit i.e. tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and thumb-sucking, which if not corrected early can lead to malalignment of teeth even after orthodontics has been completed.

Dr Heymann will assess each child for teeth alignment, jaw development and myofunctional activity.

Of course we offer orthodontics to adults as well. Whether it is for aesthetic reasons or to provide a more functional bite, orthodontics is fast becoming popular for adults who have waited years to achieve the perfect smile.